Autum preparation for the winter weather

This time of year is always busy at C&G Facility Support Services. We have just finished one of the biggest window cleaning contracts in Dublin, which we undertake twice a year at The Gasworks, Dublin 4. We are also window cleaning at 6 other large apartment complexes throughout Dublin.

We are busy powerwashing at a lot of our developments and deep cleaning the hard surface floors indoor as the weather gets worse and leaves and debris are starting to be brought in on peoples feet. Gutter clearing is another job that we are often called on to do at this time of year to ensure all leaves etc are cleared from gutters to avoid problems when the rain inevitably comes.

All this while at the same time keeping the apartment complexes we are responsible for (over 30 of them) in the condition that our Management Committees expect.

We have a large stock of salt in place should we need it over the coming months if Ice becomes a problem on the pathways, roads and car ramps in our developments.

All this preparation work ensures that problems are kept to a minimum throughout the winter months, but we have the best of equipment on hand to ensure that any emergency such as snow, flooding or wind damage can be brought under control quickly. Our 24 hour day, 7 days a week availability also means when you need us in these situations we will always be there.

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