We have a very specific staff structure which allows us to be flexible as well as reliable. The business is split into two sections. One side is our monthly maintenance side where staff are onsite cleaning and maintaining the developments/premises we are responsible for.

The premises/developments which we visit daily have specific staff allocated who arrive each day ensuring a good working relationship with the clients on site and proper work flow. These staff have a supervisor visiting on a regular basis throughout the week to ensure work is to standard and to check that staff have all the supplies they need. This supervisor will also liaise with the client to ensure their satisfaction.

Developments/premises that do not require full time staff but we visit a number of times a week will also have staff allocated but these staff may be looking after a number of developments and simply moving between them during the week. Again these are allocated a supervisor.

The other side of the business is our non-contract/one off projects. We have 6 vans on the road which ensure that all projects we are called on to do such as window cleaning, painting, carpet cleaning, yellow line marking, powerwashing etc. are completed in a timely manner.

We currently have a staff of 30 men and women working for CG Facility Support Services.